domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2016

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 25th September 2016

FED did not move the interest rates, as most analysits expected. Thant helped to move the markets.. up. till touched resistance. So now lets see where markets move next.

We dindt open any new trade this week, would like to add a Put Spread November in the portfolio on the 1875 ish. Our current open position all look safe.

Vix has dropped dramatically lately, making now tough to open new positions.

SPX has a strong support at 2120 and looks more likely to keep on the bull side, with permission of the highs registered over summer time.

domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2016

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 18 September 2016

We had another volatil week compared to the range whre SPX has been moving since July. Expected for the September expiry to move a bit.

I enetered new positions this week taking advantage of the volatility

All my positions now look OK with Deltas bellow 10, and I have added a Put Spread Dec to the portfolio balancing the positions

The only trade I would like to enter is a Put Spread on November cycle if the index falls this week.

SPX looks like a Pull Back formation, has found support where months ago had resistance

domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2016

Weekly Portfolio Anaylis 4rd September 2016

Markets keep going high, and there is nothing to stop them yet. Also there is a lor of room to correct, but with VIX at lows is hard to open new strategies.

We cashed in the 2 Aug31st SPX 2250/75 for full premium, and our Portfolio is still on the negative -0.843%

Our current open positions look OK, dont think we will go up for ever so in next correction we could look to open new PS and releive some of the CS

Markets are looking still oversold, so a correction before keeping heading norh would be rather healthy for the markets.