domingo, 31 de diciembre de 2017

2017 Bellini Portfolio Analysis

2017 comes to an end, and is time to review our selling options spreads strategy to creat wealth, and constant monthly returns.

The year started with a bad 1Q, -4% resul that was well managed ending 3Q with a healthy +10% YTD.
However 4Q was a terrible quarter mainly due to the strengh of the american market, and the wrong strategy of selling CALL SPREADS instead of selling PUT SPREADS.

Final result is -1.135% 2017.

If we compare the result with SPX +19.42% looks like a poor 2017 strategy.

Nonetheless we will keep selling spreads for 2018 and we will mantain our aim to be year and yar profitable at least pocketing a 10% return till retirenment.

Will keep educating in order to be able to trade as succesfull as one of my inspirations @lazytrading and recently joined his LT Options Course

Currently have no open trades for 2018, needed to recover my trading emotions after current losses. Expect a bullish 201 as well, but markets will consolidate at one point where most od my trading should be done.

martes, 31 de octubre de 2017

Monthly Portfolio Analysis 31st Octuber 2017

SPX keep going up for another moth, +2.12 % at end 30th Octuber, making selling Credit Spreads a risky business in 2017. SPX YTD +14.92% and RTY +9.86% supports the idea better strategy this 2017 has been passive investment so far.

We had to manage and protect the CS Nov30th 2575/2560, resulting in an over all lost -7.49%.

Volatiliy keeps extreamly low, not giving much opportunities for selling Put Spreads.

In an attempt to minimize the CS 2575/2600 lost we have opened

4 RUT Nov CS 1570/1580 at 0.96
3 SPX Nov PS 2425/2450 at 1.1
3 SPX Dec PS 2425/2450 at 2

We still have opened Dec 3 CS 2625/2650 looking badly with still two months to go.

sábado, 30 de septiembre de 2017

Monthly Portfolio Analysis 30 September 2017

Summer is officialy over, and although I was waiting for a rise in volatility and a mini sell off the truth is markets didn't take my advice and here we are at hew highs ever.

Markets are still doing great  SPX YTD 12.53% and RTY is up +9.85%. Bellini is doing well, +10.304% after adding 4.23% on the last 4 weeks.

We received maximum Premium on Put Spread 2275/2300 and we closed two Credit Spreads  Sep 2550/2575 at 0.4 and Oct 2575/2600 at 0.35.

We have also opened new spreads for November and December cycles.

Latest movement up at 2519 is getting in trouble CS Nov30 2575/2600. we  have also opened PS at 2350/75 to help protect the CS.

Volatility is at its lows once again, supporting the idea of a stop and breath to the market

domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 2nd September 2017

August is over, no harm in the markets despite a promising star, when  $VIX  woke up for a bit, opportunity took to open positions that are starting to pay off now.

Last Friday we received full premium on the Aug Iron Condor  2550/2525/2325/2300, adding a nice 2.87% to 2017 YTD results.

So far, positions opened are looking good, looking to add Put Spreads both Octuber  and November if on the following days we see a short term over sold in the SPX

sábado, 12 de agosto de 2017

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 12th August 2017

As we were saying last weekend August is a month of historically high volatility, and the Thursday sell off backed the records.

$VIX woke up from the lows and reached a nice 17 mark, opportunity to start opening new positions even I would have love to see the momentum indicators a bit more oversold.

I entered 3 new Spreads, two PS and and one  CS

PS $SPX 3 Aug31 2300/2325 @ 1.6
PS $SPX 3 Sep29  2275/2300 @ 2
CS $SPX 3 Oct31  2575/2600 @ 1.8

domingo, 6 de agosto de 2017

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 6th August 2017

My market memories of the month of August are similar to Octuber, months were volatility heats up and market corrections spreads all over the world.

Its true $VIX is still low, but at least is over 10 now, and there is many days left yet till the end of the month.

Our 2017 performance  +2.03% is well bellow what the $SPX is showing +10.63% but not that far from what the Russell 2000 is showing just up +4.07% YTD.

Looking at our standing positions, we have two Bear Call Spreads one for August one for September both at 10 Deltas looking OK

sábado, 17 de junio de 2017

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 17th June 2017

Not much activity lately, SPX is moving in a narrow range, not sure where it will go, but the bullish market is as strong as last 12 months.

The reason I have not opened any new position is the low premium I would get, we are in a very low Volatility environment.

Just one trade opened, which I will receive maximum premium in 2 weeks time. Will wait to see a bit of volatility before thinking on selling spreads.

domingo, 14 de mayo de 2017

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 14th May 2017

These are the days where no trading might leave a few bucks out the table but can safe us a lot of potential pain.

With $VIX on the 10 zone making a life out of selling options premiums is a tough job

Markets are doing good and we see potential to keep doing as good for the rest of the year

We are still with these 2 open trades, with just 15 days to go May CS 2450/2475 need to be monotorised hope will expire full profit. June CS 2550/2575 looks preatty safe.

domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 28th April 2017

Markets reached again the highest levels of history, although reading media looks like the world is about to end markets dont stop doing well.SPX is up +6.46% 2107 and RTY is up +3.19%

April is over and we received maximum profits on the SPX IC, adding 3.557% profits, 2017 YTD -0.51%

We have 2 Call Spreads opened, May and June, all at 10 Deltas looking OK for the moment. Would like to see a bit of correction in the market to open a Put Spread both June and July. Also lookinh to open a Call Spread July

Markets are overbought, and VIX is again at minimum levels, would not be surprised a bit of orrection making the Put Spreads trades more appeailling

domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 2nd April 2017

Finding time to share my trading in this blog is being as diificul as having the discipline to open trades on the right time and closing trades were we place the paper stop on the first time.

As a wannabe trader discipline is the hardest I have came across and is telling me a lot about myself.

The Trump rally has harmed a lot any Call Spread seller strategy. Bellini 2107 performance is at -4.061%, while SP500 is up +5.53%.

Currently these are our opened positions:

All positions  are less than 10 Deltas, so looking safe. We would like to open an IRON CONDOR for the May cycle. 
Around 2180/2460 stikes are my target.

Regarding SPX we bilieve the index still looking Bull but is time to get support on the 200 EMA after so much time.

domingo, 26 de febrero de 2017

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 26 February 2017

They say markets never go up vertically, but a vertical move since Trump victory is all we have experienced.
Nothing moves up forever but we have no certainity a correction could be soon in time.

The trend is bullish, with a 2450 target, any correction should be an opportunity to get bull in the market.

Our positions, 2 Iron Condor one in March and other in April.

With 30 Deltas the March Call Spread is not looking good, just 1.7% away for being at the money. An adjustment and protection should be added to the strategy.

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017

Weekly Portfolio Analysis: February 5th 2017

January is finally over, the year starts with a positive 2.62% for the SPX. Our Bellini portfolio cash in full premium on the CCS 2350/2375 making the porfolio up +1.23% YTD.

Currently we have two positions opened, one in February cycle and the other in March.

Sold 3 CCS Feb28th 2325/2300 with 30 Delta not looking particularly good, with just 23 days for expiry.

Sold 3 CCS Mar30th 2425/2450 with 9 Deltas looking safe.

I should defend February trade even Theta is on my favor. Moving the Spread 50 points higher should be the aim.

Furthermor looking to add som CPS to March expiry in order to receive premium and diversify direction.

Finally start looking to open positions 2450/2100 IC on the April cycle.

$VIX in minimums should we wait to sell CPS on levels near 20

$SPX still in the uptrend, lets wait to corrections to get bull strategies