domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 28th April 2017

Markets reached again the highest levels of history, although reading media looks like the world is about to end markets dont stop doing well.SPX is up +6.46% 2107 and RTY is up +3.19%

April is over and we received maximum profits on the SPX IC, adding 3.557% profits, 2017 YTD -0.51%

We have 2 Call Spreads opened, May and June, all at 10 Deltas looking OK for the moment. Would like to see a bit of correction in the market to open a Put Spread both June and July. Also lookinh to open a Call Spread July

Markets are overbought, and VIX is again at minimum levels, would not be surprised a bit of orrection making the Put Spreads trades more appeailling

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