sábado, 30 de septiembre de 2017

Monthly Portfolio Analysis 30 September 2017

Summer is officialy over, and although I was waiting for a rise in volatility and a mini sell off the truth is markets didn't take my advice and here we are at hew highs ever.

Markets are still doing great  SPX YTD 12.53% and RTY is up +9.85%. Bellini is doing well, +10.304% after adding 4.23% on the last 4 weeks.

We received maximum Premium on Put Spread 2275/2300 and we closed two Credit Spreads  Sep 2550/2575 at 0.4 and Oct 2575/2600 at 0.35.

We have also opened new spreads for November and December cycles.

Latest movement up at 2519 is getting in trouble CS Nov30 2575/2600. we  have also opened PS at 2350/75 to help protect the CS.

Volatility is at its lows once again, supporting the idea of a stop and breath to the market

domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 2nd September 2017

August is over, no harm in the markets despite a promising star, when  $VIX  woke up for a bit, opportunity took to open positions that are starting to pay off now.

Last Friday we received full premium on the Aug Iron Condor  2550/2525/2325/2300, adding a nice 2.87% to 2017 YTD results.

So far, positions opened are looking good, looking to add Put Spreads both Octuber  and November if on the following days we see a short term over sold in the SPX