domingo, 20 de marzo de 2016

Weelky Portfolio Analysis 20th March 2016

FOMC added more bull sentiment into the market and another consecutive positive week ending in green. I lost the count how many green weeks in a row we had, althogu we are on an extream overbought condition markets don´t pay attention to the indicators are keep going up. According to my charts we are near price action resistant at 2060/2080 ish. If 2080 is broken adjustment on my Call Spreads will be needed in order to not get on serious danger.

SPX went up 1.35% over the week entering in positive YTD 2016 at +0.28%. Russell 2000 is down -3.10% YTD and Bellini is down -4.18% after we get full premium from the PS 1745/55 SPX March expiration.

We closed 2 May SPX PS 1475/1500 at 0.35 adding some value to our 2016 YTD as well.

We entered a new July30th position Call Spread 2 SPX 2200/2250 at 2.5, now is 12 Deltas and 131 days left for Expiry.

We still hold 5 SPX April 1690/1700 at 99% of ending worthless and the June30th Call Spread 2 SPX 2175/2200 that at 13 Deltas need our attention this week case is is threaten, just 6% away from current levels.

VIX is at 14 low enough to see some support here and help SPX get some rest.

SPX is getting at resistance on the 2060/2080 area as it is on its way on one of the last stongests move up ever.


sábado, 12 de marzo de 2016

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 12 March 2016

Draghi did the whatever it takes again, So here we are on a bullish market mood again and SPX only -1.11% YTD, while the Russell 2000 is down -4.26% 2016. Bellini portfolio is down -6.53% YTD.

Past week we sold the 2 SPY April 202 for a 2.78 credit peroption adding 0.88%.
Next week we will cash in the PS Mar 1745/55 adding +1.3% yield to  our portfolio.

Open positions are:

5 SPX PS April 1690/1700 at 0.75 with 10 Deltas and 90% probability of success. 15% out of the Money and 26 days left for expiration.

2 SPX PS 30th May 1475/1500 at 1.95 with 0.1 Deltas 99% probability of success will try to close this week to liberate margin.

2 SPX PS 30th June 2175/2200 at 1.9 with 10 Deltas and 90%  probability of success  7.2% OTM.

For the week I might add a CS on May as well as adding a June PS on 10 Deltas.

Happy Trading