domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017

Weekly Portfolio Analysis: February 5th 2017

January is finally over, the year starts with a positive 2.62% for the SPX. Our Bellini portfolio cash in full premium on the CCS 2350/2375 making the porfolio up +1.23% YTD.

Currently we have two positions opened, one in February cycle and the other in March.

Sold 3 CCS Feb28th 2325/2300 with 30 Delta not looking particularly good, with just 23 days for expiry.

Sold 3 CCS Mar30th 2425/2450 with 9 Deltas looking safe.

I should defend February trade even Theta is on my favor. Moving the Spread 50 points higher should be the aim.

Furthermor looking to add som CPS to March expiry in order to receive premium and diversify direction.

Finally start looking to open positions 2450/2100 IC on the April cycle.

$VIX in minimums should we wait to sell CPS on levels near 20

$SPX still in the uptrend, lets wait to corrections to get bull strategies

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