domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 8th November 2015

Markets still incredibly bullish makes SPX green for 5th week in a row. After not having a single Credit Call Spread I overload my portfoluio with them on the bullish maket ever! Terrible timing, and completly misjudged its direction.

Look this SPX weekly chart, no doubts:

 This week the SPX moved up +0.95% and the RUT a hugh jump up +3.26%. YTD the SP500 is now positive for the year +1.96% and Russell 2000 -0.41%. Our Bellini portfolio is up +4.856%.

I traded another Dec15 Call Spread, SPX 2200/10 that looks now too close to current prices for 0.5 credit.and Delta 7

The rest of the portfolio stays as last week.

November: 12 days left for expiration

SPX 1560/70 nothing to say.
RUT 1240/50 is looking very dangerous at current 1200 RUT level. Delta is 9 but if we have another spike in the index will need to be defended and is a shame at 2 weeks to be a winner.

December; 41 days left

RUT 930/940 no concerns
RUT 1270/80 still looking ok but the Index is waken up. Delta 3, 97% prob expires out of the money.
SPX 2200/20 93% prob of success

January 2016

SPX 2230/2240 just 87% ending succesful

The markets looks as follow

SPX is finding resistance at current levels, how erver after Friday SPX has gain momentum

RUT, incredible bullish both monday and Friday, looks like 1200 is about to be smashed

My plans for the week defend positions accordingly


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  1. BM, I find it is better not to jump into selling calls too quickly. Also, don't sell more calls than puts. Puts have historically done better than calls. I know of some traders who no longer sell calls because it is so much more difficult than selling puts.

  2. absolutly Jonathan, I have jumped into too many Calls Spread. Thanks for your comments