domingo, 4 de febrero de 2018

Options Strategy Monthly Analysis 4th February 2018

Finally $VIX waked up from its long lethargy.

We have been waiting to see the levels on $VIX to start opening Put Spreads, as we have been so killed by Credit Call Spreads in 2017 we were not going to play that game for a while.

We entered on Tuesday our first Credit Spread, not the best timing as we should wait a few days but if we knew the future we were alreadty retired and spending winter in Naples Florida.

We entered March 23 PS 2630/40 at 0.8, now need a bit of babysitting as Friday Risk off send this position to 23 Deltas. Still got 48 days for expiration so we would adjust once SPX closes bellow 2715.

On Friday markets sold off and we took opportunity opening February postitions both in $SPX and $RUT.

$SPX Feb 23 2560/70 at 0.5 with 10 Deltas and just 20 days for expiration and $RUT 1450/60 Feb 23 at 0.77 also at 10 Deltas. We will adjust the SPX if closes bellow 2700 and the Russell if goes beloow 1500.

We have interest on opening also a new position in April taking oportunity of high volatility. I beieve markets are having a healthy small corretion after such a storng move up.

Russell 2000

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