sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2018

Options Strategy Monthly Analysis 2nd November 2018

I would like to say I saw it coming. Again, another Octuber, markets SOLD-OFF.

I had only one position in RUT OCT PS 1550/1560at 0.7  that had to defence closing it at 2.04. When I enetered this trade the RUT was marking oversold condition already, but in the next 3 weeks the index dropped another 12%

Currently both SPX and RUT are in positive for the 2018 but poorly

We dont know if we are on the start of a Bear market, but have taken the opportunity to credit with more PS in Nov and Dec, all markets were oversold and VIX in max.

I expect the markets to consolidate around current levels for next week, my positions look safe so far.

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