domingo, 11 de octubre de 2015

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 11th Octuber 2015

Markets performed vey well this week. SPX jumped +3.260% ad RUT a terrific +4.60%. YTD still on the negative side SPX -2.14% and RUT - 3.27%. Bellini YTD unchanged from next week +5.785%.

I have added two new positions to the portfolio on the Call Spread side taking advantage of the week rally. 
Adding 2 Call Spread December 15, one in SPX the other at RUT, both Delta 10.

So 6 position outstanding, with one about to expire next week The positions look as follows

All of them over 90% porb of ending out the money , all we need is  the markets move bear or on the sideways path on the next days.

I will not expect to get into new trades next week, just keeping an eye to the markets to defend positions if we keep moving high.

The VIX has been moving down and closed at 17 on Friday, still a good number to get decent premiums.

Russell is facing now 1170/80 area, where the last lower high is and also 200 EMA, this should work as short term resistance.

 SPX has made touch on the 2020 last high, next resistance will be 2040.

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  1. Your timing for selling the call spreads last week is very good. Your positions look very healthy right now. Good luck next week.