sábado, 4 de junio de 2016

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 05 June 2016

Has been I while since last time I could sit down and review the week, Need to get back to consistency otherwise how would I be consistent in my trading? How i am going to get to the luxury live of full time trading?

Markets has been waiting for the NFP and the number were bad, really bad versus what the experts expected. However markets fall sharply after the realese but took the up movement again after the initial shock.

At the end we got a flat week on the SPX 500 and a bullish week for the Russell 2000. The state of the markets and Bellini results are as follows:

We only have positions on the Call Spreads side so our bet on a fall in the markets is still big.

June: Sold 2 Credit Call Spreads SPX 2175/2200 at 1.9, still 26 days for expiration, Delta 4. Just ok.

July30th : Sold 2 Credit Call Spreads SPX 2200/2225 at 2.5, 88 days for expiry, Delta 7. looking just ok.

August 31st: Sold 2 Credit Call Spreads SPX 2250/2275 at 1.8, 88 days left to expiry. looking good.

VIX could even go lower and touch the 10 zone meaning still upside movement on the SPX

SPX still holding at 2100 resistance if broken could expore the 2130 max levels

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