domingo, 26 de junio de 2016

Weekly Portfolio Analysis 26th june 2016

Brexit!! Risk off around the glope helping our threaten Call Spread positions to release all the pain.
Now all our positions look healthy good with a very high probability of success.

This is how the markets did: Again the main Index are in negative territory yield to date.

 My Credit Call Spread looks as followes after the Brexit sell off, all looking good and thinking on profiting in the next week.

Markets are not yet oversol, will wait that to happen in order to open some Put Spreads well out of the Money.

Weekly SPX chart does not look very bearish, in fact if 2000 level get broken would aim for 1900 ish.

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  1. Nice man. Those CCs are winners and you will go back to a profitable year!
    Great job, kudos to you.