sábado, 2 de febrero de 2019

Options Strategy Monthly Analysis February 2019

After the storm a relentless rise on the US Markets. SPX +7.97% and Russell +11.38% have signed one of the best start of the year ever. Can these last for ever? who knows but we should expect ups and downs over the year. For these reason we should enter new Put Spreads once the oversold indicators tell us so. We wont enter Call Spreads as the market can go up and up with no force to defend them.

January gave as full Premium on de Spreads opened in December while defending the postion then.

 No open positions right now, and we will wait for a corretion to open new positions:

VIX is folling, marjets raising forming a V formation. We could agree we are in an overbought momentum, but will wait and wait and wait for an oversold situation to deploy new Put Spreads

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