lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015

DEFCON 2 : Trades on a Panic Day

The Index droppoed much more sharped than expected. A minute after NY bell got positions In The Money. I kept calm and closed after I consedered enough rebond, always with the panic mood more bears were about to happen.

I closed all positions showing 30 Delta, taking a lost. However part of my plan was to open new positions further down, but I could not get filled did not want to rush.

On the SPX I closed Sep15 1850/40 at 2.5 (opened at 0.45) loosing 2.05 per contract 1250$
On the RUT I closed Sep15 1040/50 at 1.944 (opened at 0.60) loosing 1.34 per contract 972$
On RUT Oct 15 1050/60 closed at 2.08 )opened at 0.85) loosing 1040$

So open positions now look as follows

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  1. Hi BM,

    I closed all my positions with a delta of 25 to 30. I had many issues with my trading app since it was very slow and hard to get an order into my brokerage system. Since I managed multiple accounts, I was busy closing over 50 positions. It kept me busy all day and I had no rest until market closed. Also like you, I was not able to get filled on many new positions. At least we survive to trade another day.