domingo, 16 de agosto de 2015

Weekly Porfolio Analysis 15th August 2015

China is giving us the noise needed to justify some volatility in the markets. Printing money is a way of admitting the economy is in bad state and we dont want to ruin the bubble. So the few traders in the market get a bit nervous sending the VIX at 16 and the markets making lows. In the case of the Russell 2000 a lower low from the minmuns of July, but wth no strengh to break the psiclogical 1200 support.

SPX raised this week  0.67% is 1.59% up year to date. On the other hand RUT is 0.33% up for the week. Our portfolio is 8.667% up before comissions waiting to add some positive returns when August cycle is officialy over at the end of next week.

We, as options sellers, tried and got filled in two out of the money spreads this week while the markets tumbled near support. So on 12/08/2015 trades SPX Sep15 1850/40 PS at 0.45 and SPX Oct15 1775/85 at 0.50. All well out of the money bellow 10 deltas.

 So currently open positions are all over 90% probability of ending out of the money, though we still got lots of weeks ahead and no one knows the future.

Getting technicals on the markets lets see how the $VIX raised over 16 to shrink again.

$SPX was just 11 points of  July lows, and 200 EMA help the price to bounce up again.
If we take a look to Oscilators we still are in no man's land as no extreams are yet pointed.

$RUT could not break once again 1200, and got a minimum in the week at 1889. I'm expecting to see this index lower on coming days.

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